In conjunction with performances, Paula Josa-Jones offers workshops
and demonstrations for horses and riders.

Training for those seeking to improve balance, communication and effectiveness with their horse. Each session combines exercises off the horse and on the horse and show how to move in non-habitual patterns, engaging the brain in new ways, and creating a sense of vitality, wellness and ease. Lessons focus on awareness, breath support, connectivity, stability and dynamic alignment.

Hands-on work and ground training to release held patterns of tension, injury or imbalance, resulting in greater freedom of movement, balance and awareness. TTouch (the Feldenkrais-based work of Linda Tellington-Jones) brings greater perceptual clarity to the body through a combination of touch and groundwork exercises. It can be an invaluable part of any rehabilitation or care program. Sessions include an evaluation and treatment as well as instruction for the owner on touches or exercises that they can do with their horse.

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photos: Ellen Sebring